Fancy Up Your Car: Custom Cover Car

If you have bought a standard size of car seat cover and you felt disappointed that it did not fit your car well at all, you may still solve those snagging borders by requesting a custom cover car. Of course, a custom-made car seat cover will cost more than an all-car-fitting covers that are costing from a range of $30 to $70 per cover. The customized covers are up to $60 per cover. Here online you may find many car seat manufacturers that offer customization services for car seats and accessories that even offer you a one-year warranty for defects in material or workmanship. So on that has presentations in different patterns, prints and colors.  You can also buy separate headrest and armrest covers, if you deem it fit. Their seat covers, made for more than thirty automobile manufacturers, cost not more than $250 and come in wide variety of fabrics and materials.  Their Hawaiian prints, Camouflage prints, and original look porsche covers for cars come with a one-year warranty for defects in material or workmanship.

100 Porsches and Me

For many people fast cars and the lifestyle that they present is a dream goal. Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin are the things of films, auto shows and magazines that offer luxury cars. Yet there are a few people that consider these sports cars an extension of themselves or a reflection of their personality encapsulated in a car. Porsche is one such brand that leaves some people feeling just like that. A well produced film that follows the desire and love for the Porsche name is ‘100 Porsches and Me’. This story is about filmmaker, Andre Schafers obsession for a 1970 grass-green Porsche he has been thinking about since the 1970s. Produced in the style of road movie/ documentary the film looks at the fascination of the Porsche brand for people across the globe, particularly with the celebrities who own them. The documentary addresses the link between celebrities and Porsche and why they are deemed such high status symbols. Gathering the interest of such celebrities like James Dean and Jerry Seinfeld (whose 47 Porsches sit protected in an old air plane hanger in Santa Monica, CA) we get a glimpse into their lives. The film touches base with 100 people that each have allowed Porsche to make an impact on their lives. They speak about their interest of the brand and the obsession of the cars that the Porsche brand produces.

From the design to the engineering this insightful film covers all elements of the Porsche cars from the mid-life crises of people who rushed out to own one right up to the death of James dean in his Porsche 550 Snyder. A well documented film that investigates what it is about the Porsche brand that people are so attracted to. Delving into the live of the famous and peeking into their garages to get a feel for their love of the brand and design of these machines. This journey of one mans obsession leads you into the lives of one hundred people each opening up their world and views on these popular cars and the reason that they love Porsche.

Porsche Carrera 4S Cabrio

Porsche has for some time in the market with a reformed image of coupe 911 model, distinguished by the appellation 4S which has adopted elements that approach the aggressiveness of the Turbo model, but with the radical contained. The Carrera 4S get the front air dam and a widening of the rear fenders, typical of the Cayenne Turbo and amount of similarities to this game suspension reduced by ten millimeters, which accentuates the hard way, but also reinforces the strong grip. It incorporates well as elements of the Porsche flagship one over sized pathways that increase the width of the car, wheel arch increased to accommodate the new tires and brakes, excellent responsiveness, provided that the decision to step on the pedal is firm and energetic. The interior retains the pure flavor of sports Porsche, and with the controls one own a model with high technological content, but distributed well enough not to be misleading and confusion in the drives. A small carrier like any sports car, however it has the merit worthy of a great comfort at the front seats, but practical nullity of functions for a kind of rear bench in which hardly anyone can be located. If anything is of a good solution for a minimum baggage, provided that the near impossibility of use and of care. It has the magnificent panoramic front, despite of the fact that the car is very low. Moderation in this state of feeling puts more domesticated, as it has an engine of 3.6 liters (compared to 3.4 from the previous version) and 320 hp, a score higher than the predecessor and a hundred less than the turbo version reference. It beautifully transmits mechanical noise that surround caballero hoarse, typical of Porsche, which is only a foretaste of the many emotions that lie ahead, and carried out. This engine has long run in each development, which identifies it as a device and is very elastic, suitable for driving the quiet pace claiming convertible option and also the most radical sports looks that appears on all four sides. All this is without any constant resorting to uniform changes to its guidance. There is a car lightning response and explosive as the turbo version, but the horsepower is quite high and can be felt when there is a necessity, and if left will noticed. The best performance comes out above 3000 revolutions and is fully on display until 5500.

Hand crafted and special training is given to drive the car and to be taken to bring this Carrera 4S, which makes no mistake, but it is a car docile and with enough electronic control elements that inadequate preparation is covered with guarantees. To begin with four-wheel drive is constantly conveyed to the front wheels 5 per cent of traction, but borderline cases can reach 40 percent. For if these are not enough than a stability control program is also added, where one is able to recognize the precise direction of the vehicle and when it does not comply with the parameters set the brakes are applied and, in extreme cases even reduce power. All these are security assistance, as no may be missing a legendary brand like Porsche and expensive, but as you say this brand, “will never be able to eliminate the laws of physics.” warnings aside, the reality is that this car shows a very high note aplomb and grabs the firm, even in strongly wet roads, with stunning efficiency.

Making Your Vehicle Last Longer by Doing Things Right

I got my new insurance policy today. It made me smile that I’ve been with the same company, USAA, since 1977. They are simply wonderful. Another glance at my policy and I realized that I have had 32 vehicles since 1977. In that time I’ve had a vehicle stolen, I’ve had a vehicle backed into in a parking lot, another vehicle broken into, wheels ripped off, hail damage and more. I even damaged one of my own cars while it was sitting in the garage. With each incident, I learned something, and I’d like to share a few of my top tips. I’ve always been a sports car buff. As a young man I had visions of a bright red Ferrari in the garage. That never happened, but I did buy a two year old Fiat X/19 and customized the heck out of it with custom body work, a beautiful interior with Care seats, and a Borg Warner K27 turbo to make things exciting. I painted the car Attract-a-COP red in the style of the old Ferrari 512bb with satin black from the belt line down. It was perfect! Well, that is, it was perfect until a box load of junk from my overhead storage fell on the hood and scratched the heck out of it. I wanted to scream.

Actually, I think I did scream. Anyway, that was the event that prompted me to buy and use an indoor car cover. Ever since then my go-fast-mobiles have all had car covers and they have saved the day more than once. Not from me or my stuff, either. The number one hazard for any nice car at home is kids and pets. How-to Prevent Car Theft It’s a sinking feeling that comes over you. At first your brain goes to, “I’m certain I parked it right here.” Well, you did, and that’s exactly where the thief grabbed it. Lesson learned. Locking your car won’t stop a thief. A basic car alarm won’t stop a thief. It takes a much bigger deterrent. After that I installed car alarms that immobilized the car and used mechanical devices that locked the steering wheel, the hand brake, or both. There are whole lists of things you can do, but I found these to be most effective. How-to Prevent Car Damage Let’s face it; taking your car out of the garage is dangerous.

Trust me, I know! I got over the loss of my 944 Turbo with a 1989 Silver Anniversary Edition 911 Carrera. She lacked the power and handling I was accustomed to, but what a beauty! That is, until some Creation backed into me – parked, no less – in a shopping mall parking lot. Ah, yes, another lesson learned. Be particular where you park. A while back I attended Sneak Preview Night at the Los Angeles Car Show. I drove to the top of the parking garage to look for an open spot on a corner as these spots reduce the chance of a door ding by fifty percent. Plus, I also find that the corner and end spots are a bit wider. After parking, locking, and walking away, I had a funny feeling and return to my car to move it. A bewildered BMW driver stopped me to ask me why I moved. I explained that I didn’t want to be hit when someone rounded the corner too close. My point is this: consider how people can get you and don’t give them the chance. Defensive Driving In 1995, on one of my weekly trips up to Los Angeles, I got pulled over by California’s finest for my imprudent use of forward velocity. After a brief discussion with the judge a few weeks later, we agreed that a little levity was in order, so off I went to comedy driving school. I have to admit, it was worth it. The comedy driving school instructor had an entire shtick about avoiding traffic tickets by “watching for COPS.” It was hilarious! Watch for COPS! What a simple thing, right? Yeah, well, if it’s that easy why did you get your last ticket? It really isn’t that easy unless you practice… a lot! Most of us were taught, in one fashion or another, to check our mirrors often, but we get lazy and after a while it goes right out the window. Watch for COPS! It’s not as much about avoiding citations as it is about paying attention to what’s going on around you. It’s actually pretty easy. You look ahead, look behind, and look to your sides, and do it often. Your mirrors are your friend, so use them. Most people use their mirrors when changing lanes. If this is how you use your mirrors, then I’m afraid you’re missing the point and you’re well on your way to becoming yet another road casualty. Your mirrors are your number one defensive driving tool, and they will save you from the idiots on the road, as well as the COPS. Use them.